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The 100 – Day Emergency Plan to Fight COVID-19

Written by Mary Pooja

An initiative by the government for emergency requirements that may arise in the next three months depending on the Covid-19 outbreak. The NITI Aayog plan will share its projections on resource-based requirements and recommendations for the central government.

The NITI Aayog Plan

NITI Aayog has launched a 100-day emergency plan. It will analyze data on available resources, from manpower to PPE, and projections on the increasing requirement, and prepare for the next three months. “We are trying to talk to people from across the spectrum, including retailers and manufacturers, to gauge the challenges they are facing, and the issues that might need escalation at the central level,” said a NITI Aayog official. The NITI Aayog will analyses the available resources and the upsurge in their requirements across the country. A separate plan will be made for under-served areas.

The objective of the plan is to prepare for the immediate and medium term — based on data, projections and evidence.

The Main Features includes

NITI Aayog’s entire gamut of activities can be divided into four main heads:.

How much of those will come during the 100 day programme of the new government?That’s for the prime minister to decide.

The ministries have already worked on an action plan for 100 days. The NITI Aayog has worked on it. But it is for the PM to take the final call. The 100-day plan is about pushing difficult and big-ticket reforms.

It is likely to submit the plan to the health ministry by this week.

“From assessing the need for manpower to personal protective equipment, ventilators, surveillance mechanisms, ambulance availability and various other things, a detailed analysis will be carried out,” A government official stated.

The analysis will also predict the financial requirements for the next three months for handling coronavirus crisis, considering the three parameters of crisis — mild, moderate and severe.




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