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Best Description of IVF by Dr Shital Punjabi

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For our viewers, please also tell us if IVF is secure now. What success rate do we see in IVF? And there are so many instances of triplets via IVF, what are your thoughts on this?

IVF is a blessing actually for all those childless couples who have no chance or zero chance of having their own biological child. Now, In those couples when we are doing IVF like when we are using the technology , we are able to give them the babies which they always wished for, Now secure – we can definitely say nothing is secure but still when we are using this technology , we can say from zero% the couple get the chance of pregnancy to 40%-50% in a single attempt, so that way it is secure.

Secondly, it’s a safe procedure – it doesn’t give any harm to the couple, neither lady or the husband.

3rd– The most important thing is most of time people come and ask us ‘ would it be my child only ‘,

By using IVF technology, we are just managing those gametes – 2 eggs – female and male egg- to unite outside of uterus, but baby is their own and it can be proved by science, by DNA technology, it can be proven that it is their own child.

As far as question of triplet is concerned – yes, it is a major question, the thing is when we are using IVF technology, we put minimum 3 embryos inside the womb of the mother, because when we are keeping 3 embryos inside uterus scientifically it is proven that it gives us more that 35% result per attempt, now with that there are high chances of twins once in a while, 1 in 500 couples we do get triplets as well but with the help of sonography we can reduce those triplets to two by invasive interventional radiology technology, so we usually transfer 3 embryos.

Outside India, there is a Norm that Doctor should transfer either  1-2 embryos but in that case when we transfer only 1 embryo, the success rate comes down from 40%-50% to just 15%-18%. Here in India, IVF in not insured, so the couples, they have to pay from their own pockets, so we always want to go on a higher side of success. While in European and Australian countries and USA – It is funded by the government, so for couples yes, obviously , they have to pass through this treatment for a pretty long period of time but then they get all expenditure by government but in that even if it is 18%-20% of success rate – it is acceptable for them. But for our patients, it is not acceptable. So we always try that we transfer 3 embryos inside the uterus and when they have more in number then we do freezing of those embryos.

So next time when they have to go for embryo transfer then they don’t have to pass through whole process of IVF, we just have to thawed those embryos and we can put them inside the womb of mother. So it is very successful procedure in that way and that also we are getting more than 50% success rate per attempt, so it is a Blessing for Indian Couples.

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