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Innergisation – coping with Stress

Written by Rajandeep Singh

A formidable foe of human race is unmanageable stress. It can impair intellect, disturb emotional state and can lead to many psychological ailments. But it is unavoidable and useful also for our growth and development. We therefore need to learn how to cope with it.

The medical remedy of stress provides temporary relief and with multiple side effects. A long term solution lies in practical spirituality as theoretical knowledge alone is ineffective..

Innergisation or plunging deeper within us is the method to deal with it. Innergisation is a simple process that helps our body act as per the dictates of mind which is calm and relaxed. On the other hand if we relax our body, the mind relaxes, if the mind relaxes ,it starts governing our consciousness and dominates our being.

Method- start with slow deep breathing while sitting comfortably with spine erect. Each time while inhaling, visualise that fresh energy is entering every part of ur body, while exhaling feel that worries are moving out of the body. For some time feel the entire weight of the body, tense it and then relax and do it separately with all body parts ending with relaxing.

Finally fix the gaze between two eyebrows and start watching the incoming and outgoing breath for about half an hour. Feel the body has no weight and you exist only in breathing.Practise this twice a day. It will activate the right brain which is creative ,generate the right solutions and will induce LASTING PEACE OF MIND.

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Rajandeep Singh

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