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Digital Therapeutics – A New Era in Medicine

Written by Rajandeep Singh

A sub-section of digital health is Digital Therapeutics. This branch of medicine relies on all digital and online technological advances to treat a person of their ailment.

This can come in many forms such as healthcare applications, software and other indigenous online platforms. KiviHealth is one such classic example of a digital healthcare reform that is in action across the global medical fraternity.

Digital therapeutics is the next big thing in the healthcare segment after digitization was successfully incorporated at various levels of healthcare worldwide. These apps specialize in altering the patient behaviour and monitor their overall health improvements based on the slow and gradual changes made. And because these apps run on digital platforms, all the specific data and record can be collected and analyzed as and when required by the healthcare providers. These progress reports can be further evaluated and used to create preventative treatment plans for the patient. Health conditions, including type II diabetes, congestive heart failure, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, asthma, substance abuse, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and several others are being managed by using these apps as a preventive measure for any future possibilities of a health scare.

This methodology uses an assortment of various digital implements to manage, monitor, and prevent sicknesses in patients who are at high risk. Digital therapeutics generally consist of mobile phone devices, apps, sensors, desktop computers etc. These devices can collect a wide range of health data and keep them secure for long-term analysis and research. They also capture patient’s personalized physiological parameters, behavioural patterns and geographical arrangements that can be documented from multiple digital sources.

These apps when in use are capable of sending a notification to the concerned person and to their next of kin when there is a sudden increase or decrease in their daily patterns related to different health parameters and guidelines. This makes a huge difference in the patient’s life as they get a timely alert as soon as they go astray from their health goals. Any minor or major change that can affect the patients’ health can be monitored and the alarm is triggered to alter their ways and get them back on track. It’s like being accompanied by a personal trainer or a caregiver at all times, 24×7.

Prevention and management of patients suffering from Diabetes and Obesity are the main focus for experts working in the field of digital therapeutics. Devices like insulin pumps, blood glucose meters and various wearable gadgets send a collated data to an integrated system from where it can be managed and monitored for further development. These kinds of digital therapies also use and collect data like diet or other lifestyle choices made. It also often monitors the potential for a heart and lung condition in a high-risk patient based on these findings and encourages quitting and changing destructive habits like smoking, drinking, poor diet choices and a lack of exercise.

Digital therapeutics can also be used to effectively treat patients with psychological and neurological disorders. Patients with disorders like ADHD, depression, stress and anxiety can receive cognitive behavioural therapy through their phones itself. Also, it’s a great option for people with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, who can be helped through the cognitive behavioural therapy for reducing confusion and anxiety.

Digital therapeutic is here to stay and is rightly termed as the next-gen medical miracle. The way it manages the major health disorders and also takes a step to prevent all future anomalies, this app style medical care is exactly what we need in the days to come. These applications can and will save millions of lives in the future all across the world.

About the author

Rajandeep Singh

Founder of KiviHealth , trying to democratise healthcare using automation and AI