Dont be an iPhone 8 be an iPhone X

Written by Rajandeep Singh

(This is a leaked conversation between Doctor Bade Miyan and Doctor Chhote Miyan)

Doctor Bade on Phone : Morning Doctor Chhote..! Did you check out the new iPhone X? It’s making waves all around.

Doctor Chhote: Nope..! Too busy with all the paper work lately. Why, what’s new? Was thinking of buying iPhone 8, my iPhone 6 has gotten old.

Doctor Bade: Dont buy iPhone 8 but iPhone X. They have outdone themselves this time by introducing the face ID feature beating all the players out there, that’s something. Isn’t it? I mean technologically, it’s a huge break through. Its the best phone ever, best in design, AR , power everything

Doctor Chhote:  No doubt about it. Wish we doctors had something like that to make our lives easier and more efficient. (Sigh..!)

Doctor Bade: Arey Chhote kya yaar!!!!!, there is such a thing out there. I myself am a patron of this web application called KiviHealth. Believe me, it has made my daily routine so well organized and proficient and not to forget, stress free too. Why, even my patients love it. I use it from my phone, computer, tab everything. Just check their AI and graphical features.

KiviHealth turns you into a “SuperDoc” and sets you apart from your contemporaries. It’s a bigger, better and faster version of you. It’s time to upgrade doctor, what say??

Here is link to schedule demo with them – Demo

Doctor Chhote: ok Dr. Bade. Setting up demo with them. BBye.


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