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How “Flatten the Curve” can help prevent Covid-19

Written by Mary Pooja

During the 1918 Influenza, millions marched their way to coffins due to its uncontrollable pandemic- causing 50 million people to depart their lives around the world. Aside from the death toll, a city from US-controlled the death rate to one-eighth of the casual possibilities. St. Louis a city from US took preventive measures and used the theory “flattening the curve” resulting in only 2000 deaths were other cities crossed 16,000 death over a period of 6 months.

So, what is “Flattening the Curve”?

1Flattening the curve means delaying the spread of infection and expanding the time needed to impose social distancing measures. With no vaccine or effective treatment, the use of social distancing measures attempts to delay the spread of infection and keep the need for intensive, hospital-based health services within the capacity of our health care system.

2“WHO continues to call on all countries to implement a comprehensive approach, with the aim of slowing down transmission and flattening the curve,” “This approach is saving lives and buying time for the development of vaccines and treatments.”

How to bring in effect?

As there is currently no vaccine or specific medication to treat COVID-19, and testing is so limited the only way to flatten the curve is through collective action.


  • Washing Hands Frequently
  • Various political measures, such as social distancing or quarantines.”
  • Stopping the usage of Public transportations

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