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Dr. Chirag Thakkar | Gastroenterologist | Talks About Healthier Lifestyle

Written by Rajandeep Singh


Q.(a) Sir, we all know being a Doctor is a Difficult job but what is one or two major challenges that you think are unique to Bariatric Surgeons? Also, Are we in a movement towards healthier human?


Yes, Certainly we are in a movement towards the healthier human with lot of people being quite aware and enthusiast about care of the health & changing the lifestyle. Talking about the Bariatric Surgery is an difficulties the two common problems which we face is to convince the patients that they are suffering from a disease, weight gain or obesity is not just excess fat or …… in your body but it is harming you in many ways. And many of the patients even than they are having medical problems like diabetes and knee problems, infertility and all that, they still hesitate to go ahead with the Bariatric Surgery as they feel that surgeries is not to justify to lose weight. And as I said this perception is because they don’t consider they are having a disease so they don’t feel that they need to get treated by a surgery. So convincing them for a surgery is one of the major challenge. And the second major challenge is to convince them to come for follow up because once the surgery is done than they feel that they are totally fine. So this are the two challenges which you need to Bariatric surgery.

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