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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) on the rise.!

Written by Rajandeep Singh

What is “In Vitro Fertilization” or IVF..?

IVF is a process of fertilizing the ovum (egg) combined with sperm externally through a methodical medical procedure. The initial process takes place outside the human anatomy, in a laboratory. After the Zygote undergoes an embryo culture for a stipulated period of time, it is then transferred to the patient’s uterus for gestation to process.  In layman’s terms, the process of using a female egg and sperm combined together in a controlled environment and then implanting the same in the human body for establishing a successful pregnancy is known as an “In vitro fertilization treatment”.

This assisted reproductive technology is used for treating infertility and surrogacies across the globe. Many a number of couples have opted for this procedure to become proud parents of tiny tots, beating all odds of medical deficiencies and complications. An estimated 5 million babies were born worldwide owing to IVF and related technologies.

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Merits of IVF for the new age couples in India.

#1.IVF works better than other infertility treatments – Before opting for an IVF procedure, patients try various indigenous methods to cure infertility through medicines, go through a cycle of infertility intrauterine insemination.

#2.One can use donated eggs and/or sperm – The doctor provides guidance when the situation demands a different approach of obtaining results such as using donated eggs/ sperms if the patient has a history of complications or health ailments.

#3.Control over childbirth timing – In case of career women or/and working couple, they have the liberty of choosing the time when they can afford to have a baby or when the circumstances are favourable to them from all aspects.

#4.Decreased miscarriages – Genetic abnormality is a common cause of miscarriage that results in the body terminating the pregnancy on its own. It basically goes into self-defensive mode as the survival instincts kick in. IVF removes that fear in totality with its external process initiation.

#5.Increased chances of having a healthy baby – IVF allows the would-be parents to select the egg/sperm donor based on their preferred criteria and chosen set of qualities that they would prefer in their future child. The genes and DNA play a huge role in such cases.

#6.The higher rate of conception – Of all the assisted reproductive procedures, preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) or preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) has the highest success rate of conception leading to a healthy baby without any threatening disorders, medical conditions or other complications.

“Medical Fun Fact: Louise Brown was the first baby to be born using an IVF treatment successfully in the year 1978 by Dr Kershaw at Royton, Oldham”

The growth of infertility related cases in India. Why and what needs to be done?
Due to the hectic and unhealthy lifestyle we live nowadays, it’s increasingly becoming a norm for the young couples and individuals to face the looming concern called infertility. The causes maybe both internal and external depending on the seriousness of the issue. Increased stress level, lack of physical activities and increase in junk food intake along with alcohol and cigarette consumption has led to the issues of youngsters facing infertility at a young age.

As per the medical journal’s patient behavioural pattern survey, the majority of infertility cases coming up at the IVF centres are couples as young as 26 years of age. The upper limit being the middle-aged couples in their mid 30’s and early 40’s. In order to curb this health hazard that is jeopardizing the happiness of the young generation and a cause of worry to the couples looking forward to starting a family of their own, Gynaecologists has started adopting various modern mechanisms and techniques to provide a solace to their patients.
IVF being the forerunner of these initiatives, there are other methods too doing the rounds in the market, however, IVF leads the way in terms of success ratio and safety guidelines.

“Dr Sahil Gupta’s Aveya fertility centre has made the IVF treatment affordable to the general masses by cutting down the cost factor by 4X lower than the average IVF treatment centres. It’s a boon to the working class and lower income margin families”



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