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From Janampatri To Genomepatri..! Weddings Aaj Kal..!

Written by Rajandeep Singh

[The wedding preparation is in full swing at the Iyer residence. Mrs Iyer is seen rushing around in excitement from one place to another, checking arrangements for her only daughter’s wedding to an NRI groom. Her neighbour and friend Mrs Subbu is here to help]

Mrs Subbu: Mrs Iyer, You are very lucky indeed. You found a Silicon Valley boy for your daughter. I heard the boy is working with a top company there.

Mrs Iyer: Yes, Mrs Subbu, Lata is very happy and she is getting ready for the big day.

Mrs Subbu: Oh, Vokay, beauty parlour is where she must be all day long. These young girls I tell you. (Both the ladies nod their heads and laugh merrily)

Mrs Iyer: No, Mrs Subbu, These young generation has taken it to the next level now. Parlour is not the only craze anymore. Lata and her friends are at the dentist and from there they will go to a dermatologist. (Mrs Iyer laughs while Mrs Subbu is shocked)

Mrs Subbu: Whaaaat are you saying, Mrs Iyer? A dentist and a whaaat? Did the boy wanted Lata to change her teeth, was her teeth too big? And what is a derma…..uhh… Siva Siva, I can’t even utter the word. (Mrs Iyer laughs at her friend’s hysteria and explains her in details)

Mrs Iyer: “The Dentist will first clean her teeth and whiten it so that Lata will smile the brightest on her happiest day. Then the Dermatologist will give her a laser facial and micro peel therapy. My lata’s skin will glow with the happiness of a new bride”. (Mrs Iyer’s eyes becomes moist as she speaks)

Mrs Subbu: Oh Mrs Iyer, “I can’t wait to see Lata all decked up in her bridal kanchivaram, whiter teeth and shiny skin. So much have changed since our time. I better be ready with my Anu’s “Genome-patri” instead of Janampatri for her wedding next year”.

So, does the groom have any younger brothers or cousins, Mrs Iyer? (Both the ladies laugh as they walk towards the kitchen for a cup of filter kaapi)

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