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Dr. Ashu Consul | Orthopedist | Talks On Knee Replacement – Age Concerns

Written by Rajandeep Singh

Q. Sir, lots of have the people have age concerns regarding whether they have to go ahead with knee replacement or not, what is your suggestion to them?


Basically, age is not the criteria. For this just am giving you the simple example that right now I am feeling too hungry and knowing that after three days I will be having a good dinner in 5-star hotel, but hence from today till that three days is it possible for me to survive, obviously not. I am hungry today so its necessary to eat today only. So it’s not like that, I had replaced the knee of 25 years old patient & also had done the 84 year old lady, the maximum age I have done so it’s a wide range & when there is a problem you need a solution too. If you face this knee problem in any age, like the 25 years age patients was having a senior kinetics of orthotist, in very younger age he had a very bad knee & joint problems so we operate him in 25-year-old age. If your knee & joint is in bad condition thinking of younger age that you will go longer for the treatment while walking along with the bended knees due to that you will suffer from the loss & the waist and the spine both will badly get affected. Like if the car tires is wrongly attached than the central excel will get more pressurized. If your car is having four tires and in that two tires are very new & the other two are worn out than by driving it the worn out tired will badly get affected with the two new tires. So its not like that to stretch out that in that age only surgery to do is possible. If there is problem in their age & it is necessary to go through it can also be age of 85 or 65 maybe or 55 or even 25 it can be. And the fitness doesn’t depends on the age of 85 or 65 it depends for the heart, lung, kidney how does it’s working depends on that age rather than difference age.  

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