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Money Over Matter (Why you need to spend a little today for saving big tomorrow?)

Written by Rajandeep Singh

[The ladies social club at their weekly kitty party chatting over a game of cards]

Mrs Sharma : I am so worried about bittu Mrs Verma, he keeps falling sick all the time. I have to keep a stock of medicines at home only, Doctor’s charge too much nowadays. Also, I have asked my brother from Amrika to send health food for him. My niece switty is of bittu’s age only and that’s what she eats there. She is very healthy and fit.

Mrs Verma : Accha..? Very nice.. But it will be expensive no..? All the way from Amrika..

Mrs Sharma : So what behenji.. Anything for my bittu’s health.. Going to the Doctor is so expensive. They charge for nothing. Just give few medicines and take so much money. I can tell the medical wala my issues and he can give the same medicines.

Mrs Verma : But behenji, you are anyways ready to pay for Amrikan food and medical store wala, why not pay the doctor and get the necessary treatment done by an expert? For Bittu’s better health.

A very common mindset here in our country where we are ready to spend money for everything under the sun but not for something affecting our core existence – Health

What normally happens is that we try to save few hundreds of rupees by not consulting a doctor for a health ailment and try everything to manage it on our own. This might turn out okay for some time but doing so is only prolonging a nagging issue that is bound to raise its head in the future and in a much bigger way. That time, you will need a medical help and it will cost you more than what you could

When it comes to saving money, it’s always good to have a backup ready for any contingency that might arise in the future. That’s what we are used to hearing all the time and it’s true to a certain extent. But a line has to be drawn as to where your money should be spent and where it should stay in your wallet.

Spending money for your health, peace and happiness is always a wise move. Living a healthy lifestyle is essential today. People are all into diet fads, eating exotic cuisine, learning new forms of exercise and gyming. All this is a good way to spend on yourself, but when it comes to paying for treatments, people are still haggling over the prices and looking for a bargain.

By doing so, we are treating vital lifesaving drugs as some common vegetables and the medical experts like a veggie vendor by getting into a bargain. They are using their knowledge to save lives out there. The medicines and drugs are expensive due to the amount of money, time and effort put into the research. Clinical trials are expensive and time-consuming and take years of persistent hard work to release a new drug in the market. This practice of is not only disheartening but also shows how seriously we are taking our own health.

5 Things you should never do at a clinic..!

  • Never bargain for price or discount
  • Never try to contradict the doctor’s medical opinion
  • Never compare the current scenario with a neighbour’s case or another doctor
  • Never speak loudly or attend phone calls inside the premises
  • Never break any clinic rules and cause disturbance to other patients

About the author

Rajandeep Singh

Founder of KiviHealth , trying to democratise healthcare using automation and AI