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NASA Launches Telemedicine to the Moon..!

Written by Rajandeep Singh

Riley explained that they have an ultrasound machine there in the spaceship that will help the doctor provide a complete body scan and find what’s been troubling Bob.

Bob was relieved on hearing this and asked Riley to help him back into the space shuttle ASAP.

Riley helped Bob get back and once they reported the matter to their captain, a teleconsultation was arranged with a Doctor all the way in Washington DC, where NASA Headquarters is based.

The Doctor used ultrasound to check his ailing stomach and spoke to him over voice cam to understand his symptoms in a more personal manner. In the meanwhile all his reports, including, diagnosis, treatment plan and medicine prescription were being noted down and the file transferred to the space shuttle server where the team can view and follow the orders to help Bob get cured.


In space, each man/woman has to look out for each other. The experts from earth can only assist them through voice and videos as much as they can. Telemedicine is indeed a boon to the world. Astronauts are risking their lives out there, the best we can do is keep them healthy and wish their speedy homecoming with all the abundance of research data and knowledge they have gathered in the outer space.

It’s such an innovative idea that even NASA uses for their astronauts who are travelling far away in space. A totally different planet or even a galaxy millions of miles away. Imagine how much it can help us here on our very own planet. Telemedicine is truly the best in terms of technology meeting medicine for a greater good.  If NASA can, so can you.



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Rajandeep Singh

Founder of KiviHealth , trying to democratise healthcare using automation and AI