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Dr. Shital Punjabi | Gynecologist |Talks About Patient Treatment In India V/S In West

Written by Rajandeep Singh

Q. Mam, What is your opinion upon Gynaecology in India v/s Gynaecology in west?


For this question, let me first divide gynaecology. Gynaecology has postedits i.e., the females having pregnancy & delivery the problems related to that one thing. Second gynaecology no pregnancy & other problems. Third infertility that means they are failing to conceal their own baby, Fourth is the other medical problems in females that also comes under that & when cosmetic problems. Now as per as that this question is concern the treatment part in India & in west. In India more problem is communicable diseases & infectious diseases everywhere not only in gynaecology & everything. While in west it is less common, the infectious pathology is less common. So people suffer from more of non-communicable diseases & lifestyle disorders. So this is one thing in pathology disease. Second regarding the delivery path, for delivery now we can compare that India is so much advance that we have all those technology whatsoever is available in western world we have here in India. So that is almost comparable we can say. Third is public health. In western world the matinal mortality & unital mortality is less because of the highly educated of civilians first thing. Second very fast reach-ability of the hospital. Third most important thing is it is funded by the government in western world. So people get better care in the hospitals. While here in India, illiteracy, poverty, lot of a misconceptions about different treatments. They have to like all the patients have to pay from their own pockets, the public health system I am sorry to say is not accessible to all & government is definitely taking lots of actions, but people Indians have a mindset that if we have to pay from our own pocket we would postponed the treatment part. So that’s why maybe we can say the public health sector related with poor but patients do get better treatment & faster treatment in India. Why, because here the patients have very fast accessibility to the specialist & the super specialist doctor. Where in case of western world the patient if has an complaint they have to first see the general practicing doctor, than they get reference to the specialist & than they get reference to the super specialist. So there they get accessibility to the hospital but not the doctor & they are getting fund from the government. Here they have a better accessibility to the doctors & it is funded from their own pocket. This is the difference between the treatment  in India & the western world.


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