Dr. Ashu Consul | Orthopedist |Talks On Patients Treatment Phobia

Written by Rajandeep Singh

Q.These days many patients, especially from weaker section of society, get feared from getting treated, how do you convince them for the treatment?


There are many ways to make understand the patients that what problem they are facing, from my viewpoint if am speaking truth than I can say to the educated patient that to search on your net that what I am saying if you feel that whatever am speaking up than according to you if u get it that from net than you are convinced with my talks. Second thing is that sometimes people think that the doctor tells about the surgery like that only. So for them to make them understand that due to the problem they are facing so for that only doctor’s advice to go for the surgery & surgery is not always bad that after that its end up to is not like that. But sometimes surgeries can give you a new life. And many patients have done above 5000 surgeries & still that am having the recordings too which I can show to the patients & after seeing that patients get convinced & many times we also provide them our contact details & they get assured about the surgery. While talking about the cost we can cut down on the cost from many ways. We also have 2-3 nursing homes where we cost ko weaker section pe catter kr sakte hai. As demands we do in that.

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