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Smartphone for patients and why doctors should encourage them more?

Written by Rajandeep Singh

What can be better than a compact smartphone that allows you to take care of all your medical needs and overall health with the click of a button?

Patients can manage and monitor their own or family’s wellness from anywhere with this tiny handheld device in tow. Honestly, it does not get any simpler than this.

A smartphone can really work wonders for a doctor-patient engagement and prove to be a convenient way of communicating with each other anytime anywhere on the go, without the need to visit the clinic time and again. One click and you can get any medical assistance you need without going through any lengthy process or wasting your time.

How to make your smartphone work for you?Kivihealth – connecting doctors and patients anytime anywhere


With all the latest features and high-end technology, your phone is smart enough to be your personal assistant. Set and utilize your phone in a way that it works for you and on behalf of you when the need arises exactly like a hired help would do.

  • Use the calendar to store information like appointments & due dates.
  • Set reminders to notify yourself to take medicines on time & other schedules.
  • Store images of medicine labels, names or dosage for immediate reference.
  • Check the medical records, data and stats through smart apps like kivihealth
  • Use notes to write down self-explanatory observations, or make a to-do list.
  • Access lab/scan/radiology tests result instantly through your phone.
  • Engage in telemedicine for visiting your doctor without leaving your home.

According to the recent surveys, by the end of 2017, there will be around 300+ million internet users in India presently. This includes both the urban and rural users. The report also points towards a massive 77% urban and 92% rural user’s preference for smartphones as a primary source of using the internet. The easy availability and affordable prices have made it possible for the common man to enjoy the benefits of a smartphone easily.

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Roughly there are 300 million smartphone users in India in 2017. This includes both rural and urban zone users.

Based on the above data, it’s safe to conclude that there is no shortage of smartphone users in India and in the future, it will only keep adding to it. Speaking of the internet, it’s doubtful that mankind could ever survive without using this technology. So it’s safe to say, the internet is here to stay for all eternity. So the next best thing we all could do is make the most of it.

Doctors should recommend and educate their patients to put their smartphones to a good use and optimize it by using applications such as Kivihealth Patient App, supported by both Android and iOS for their overall health and well-being. It will boost the normal doctor-patient engagement matrix and take the communication to a whole new level. A simple but efficient medium that benefits both the doctors and their patients. Above all, it leads to a better organized health-care system and creates awareness amongst the general masses to take an active approach in life when it comes to their health and wellness.


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