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Banda Bahadur Road, Delhi

About Bhatnagar's Dental Care Centre

We are expert in dentistry, working for a bigger and beautiful smile. We offer international and high-quality dental care and services at our center in north Delhi. Our unique multi-disciplinary, multi-dimensional approach and with constant endeavors to growth and technological up gradation, we are able to provide all highly advanced treatments under one roof, available anywhere in the world. We are committed to providing personalized high-quality treatment at affordable prices in an environment that are hygienic, warm and caring. Sit back, being one relax and surrender yourself to the care of Bhatnagar Dental Care.Our commitment- comfort, safety & technology.We have always kept ourselves updated with knowledge and armamentarium of latest kind. We promise to be one of the few dental clinics in India to abide by the highest international standards of hygiene and infection control in our clinic. Our most equipment, technology and medicaments are ISO certified, FDA approved and are of European standards such as dental laser, high frequency electrosurgery tissue shaping system, dc digital x-ray(U.S.), RVG (Italy), all infrastructure needed for dental implantology, computer based x-rays which reduces exposure to radiation up to 96% than normal dental x-rays done on normal films, NSK (Japan) apex locator and endo-motor, various kind or root canal systems for perfect and painless root canal treatment even in most difficult kind of root pattern cases, most advanced teeth whitening system, many kind of patient education, motivation and records maintenance software, ultrasonic scaler, light cure unit, intraoral camera, dental implants and many more things. You name it- we have it.
We at Dr. Bhatnagar’S Dental Care &Implant Centre follow all the disinfection and sterilization procedures needed for infection control. Our clinic is well equipped with all the modern equipment and instruments. Our facilities are regularly upgraded with new technological changes. Utmost care is taken for a safe and hygienic work environment using disposables and proper methods of sterilization. We have all mandatory sterilization equipment like autoclave, cold sterilization unit, glass bead sterilization, ultraviolet light sterilization unit etc. To ensure maximum safety and hygiene. Even our dental chair is fitted with one intelligent chip by which all internal tubing are cleaned after every patient, with antiseptic solution on just one press of the button. We regularly discard the disposables items such as syringes, gloves etc. And rest of all disposable items to maintain the healthy and safe treatments. Even we are among few clinics who do not dispose of medical waste in public dustbin, our waste is picked and incinerated by a company certified by central pollution control board (CPCB). All our staff member are specially trained in following strict asepsis protocol. Needless to say that the disposables like needles, syringes glasses, patient’s drapes are all for one-time usage & to be discarded after one use.

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1498/1, Outram Lines, Opp BBM(DTC) Depot, Mukherjee Nagar Road,,, Banda Bahadur Road, Delhi

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09:00 AM to 02:00 PM

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Fees : 500 INR

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