Case Studies

That’s how Dr Dhwani Shah filtered

When our team was taking feedback from the doctor’s regarding the problems they were facing, they encountered a interesting story. Dr. Dhwani Shah, a consulting Dermatologist was dealing with patients having dermatitis, also known as eczema, is a group of diseases that results in inflammation of the skin. She used to give them the usual medication, some steroid creams and moisturizers. But the existing products were less effective. Few days back, a brilliant homeopathic medicine was bought in the market. It had a better effect and the patients who were prescribed had early and speedy recovery from dermatitis. She wanted to inform all her patients about the more effective medicine in the market. But the point is - how is it possible that the SMS was only sent to the patients suffering from Dermatitis? She created a SMS campaign and send the details to patients about the ayurvedic medicine with little effort.All Dr Dhwani had to do was that whenever a patient was diagnosed with Dermatitis, she added them in the Dermatitis tag. This made it very easy for her to communicate with them. Otherwise it is a very difficult task if not impossible to inform each and every patient. Our analytics team tried to find out the success of the campaign that was conducted by her. It turned out that almost 60% patients who had received the message from Dr Dhwani, reached to the nearest chemists to get the medicines and most of them told her about the speedy recovery that occurred. It was not only because of the great medicine, but also the SMS campaign that the patients were happy. There are certain medicines that are prescribed even though they are less effective because they are the only possible alternative. Whenever there is a new alternative which is more effective and causes speedy recovery, there is no tool by which doctors can inform a particular group of patients. Main Motto of KiViHealth is to make it easy for doctors to manage their practise and improve their engagement with patients. The SMS Campaign feature allows doctors to connect with patients easily and inform them about the latest improvements in the medicines. Also, they can send personalized messages expressing their gratitude towards patients wishing them on their birthdays as well as on other festivals.

Harder we tried luckier he got

“Customer satisfaction is the most important service we can provide to our community” Few days back an interesting thing happened, when one of the sales executive visited one doctor in Ahmedabad. The doctor said “Your software is very lucky for me. Since the day I have bought the software everything is working very smoothly in the clinic and the revenue has almost tripled. The number of patients has also increased on a large scale and patients too are able to book the appointment online.” Our analytics team tried to analyze this point and tried to find whether this was based on deep reaching effect of our platform or just sheer luck. The team found out managing calendars helped the doctor to set appointment of patients daily, weekly or monthly, from which he/she knew how many appointments are scheduled for the day and how much time he/she has to devote for the patient’s treatment. The appointment booked by the patients has doubled and there is a systematic record of the patient stored in the calendar. The doctor too said that now he has no worry of any record of patient being lost. About the treatment plans the doctor said that it helps in getting the details about the procedures to be taken, the procedure is readily available in the software and I just have to click on the option; if there is some different and unique treatment which is to be carried software provides the flexibility to add the new procedure. The doctor also said that he/she can schedule the appointment for the next visit for the continuation of the treatment. Payment system too becomes too easy to deal with as the doctors just have to add the amount paid by the patient and the software will show the remaining payment to be made and print the receipt. 98% of the treatment plan is being placed in the software and only in the rare situation the doctor has to add the new procedure. The doctor said after buying the software I don’t need to write prescriptions as the software provides inbuilt feature which allows to just click on the options from the list in the given categories; they are complaints, history and examination, diagnosis, tests, medicines and advices. When I am in need to specify some different option I can easily add it. The doctor said I can also customize the prescription pad according to my requirement. It helps in saving a lot of time as I don’t need to type much as on the very click I get the required thing. It was seen that for every patient that the doctor deal with he used the prescription pad to give away the medicines or writing the complaints or diagnosis.100% achievement! The reviews given by his patient helped in increasing his ratings on the public profile. The doctor has given the right to ask for the review of the patient they want. The number of patients has increased almost doubled in a short span of time and the doctors’ ratings are increasing day by day. The campaign feature allows the doctor to send SMS to all the patient’s related to some festivals/occasions or related to some important information which he wants to convey to the patients. The main motto of KiviHealth is to provide doctors all the features which simplifies their working and provides an effective solution for the treatment of patients in the best possible way. We keep on improving and adding new features which makes customer engagement and clinic management easy.

Radiologist's report

Radiologist generates reports for people who come to their labs for getting x-ray , ultrasound, MRI & CT-scan done. They are one of the early adopters of technology as their work is mainly with machines which interact with human body. Even with them being early adopter there is no customised software for their patient and doctor engagement. Radiologist is a good case of integration as they not only have to engage their patients but also the referring doctors. Present day radiologists use software provided by big companies to create reports or some set templates that they have saved in .doc format on their machine. The engagement software present in market is not customised according to radiology and that ends up radiologist only using sms and billing. In comes KiviHealth with customized reporting template for radiologist which helps him create,edit & print reports quickly . Reports can be sent to doctor on one click and also saved on patient's timeline for patient and doctor to access later. We help in complete patient flow inside a Radiology lab 1) Patient comes for appointment - Appointment is done, message is send to referring doctor 2) Doctor writes a report using KiviHealth customized report generation pad for Radiologist 3) Report goes to referring doctor and is also stored in patient's timeline. 4) Doctor creates an invoice for patient 5) Doctor gives receipt to patient If you're a radiologist looking for software to make your work easier book a demo with us! Book a demo from home page or call us at 9898000380

Orthodontist needs to visit multiple Clinic's

An orthodontist had a problem that he visits multiple clinic's on separate days and wanted to remind himself which clinic which patient is from on one calendar screen and send patient reminder for that appointment with respective clinic's address. There are multiple solutions in market that provide 1 Clinic multiple doctor solution but no Clinic was providing multiple doctor multiple clinic solution. Then he got to know about KiviHealth and thought about giving a chance to see if they can solve his problem. KiviHealth had a perfect solution to his clinic where his receptionist could manage multiple doctors in his clinic using Clinic Login and he can have appointment from his clinic and other Clinic's that he visits on KiviDoc application on his phone. This way his issue was solved and he became a Champion of Kivihealth recommending 3 more doctors. Happy doctor , Happy patients leads to happy us!