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VK Dental and Facial Aesthetic Clinic is one of the best dental clinics, based in Sherilingampalli near Gachibowli and Chadanagar in Hyderabad, delivers the finest in Orthodontic, Cosmetic, Implant, Conventional and Preventive dentistry. VK Dental and Facial Aesthetic Clinic is an ideal place if you are seeking a specialized and trained dentist from Hyderabad. We assure you of an unparalleled experience in dental care. We believe dentistry goes beyond teeth and we are here to deliver you a million-dollar smile by our carefully selected and trained esteem of dentists. Getting dental treatments done here is simpler than ever. From basic treatments to advanced ones, get all the dental procedures done in one place by dental experts at VK Dental and Facial Aesthetic Clinic. Hygiene is an essential factor for us, hence all materials used in the clinic are ultra-hygienic and strictly sterilized before use. Special emphasis on superior dental aesthetics along with facial esthetics. From a simple filling to a complete smile makeover or a full mouth rehab, we are passionate and obsessed about the fitness of our work. Friendly environment set in a relaxed and comfortable ambiance. Priority appointments and quick completion time for people with time constraints. Our prices are very competitive. Our focus is to give you the maximum value for your money.

Some of the treatments provided by the Clinic
#metal braces for crowded teeth, spacings in teeth,proclined teeth, crooked teeth, malaligned teeth.
#ceramic braces
#self ligating metal and ceramic braces-braces have a self-locking mechanism which will reduce the treatment time and helps in arch expansion better than normal braces. appointment time is also lesser for self-ligating braces
#lingual braces-braces are on the backside of teeth so their visibility is zero.
#invisible aligners-aligners are 3d printed using CADCAM, transparent things placed on teeth these help in aligning and correcting mild to moderate teeth problems
#invisalign-it’s a brand of invisible aligners from the USA
#mini implants and braces-mini implants are small screws used along with braces they are used if we require more amount of front teeth movement with little back teeth movement.
#fixed functional appliances (forsus, power scope, twin force bite corrector-used to correct the jaw growth and modify the growth
#twin block-two blocks one in upper and one lower to guide the mandibular jaw growth.
#myo functional appliances of changing the jaw growth
#face mask-for maxillary retrognathic cases
#chin cup-for mandibular prognathic cases
#extraction orthodontic treatment-premolars mostly or some other teeth will be extracted and teeth are corrected
#surgical orthodontic treatment-corticotomy performed to increase the speed of teeth movement
#mini implants orthodontic treatment
#impacted canine orthodontic treatment-in few cases milk canines won't fall and that is retained so the permanent canine is blocked inside the jaw, in such cases milk canine is extracted and permanent canine is exposed and bonded and is aligned to normal position.
#non extraction orthodontic treatments-teeth crowding or gaps are corrected without removing any teeth if required mild stripping of the teeth is done for gaining space
#orthognathic surgery for jaw corrections-bone defects related to the jaw cannot be corrected only with braces so we even perform surgery to make the jaw move in a particular direction for improvement of facial aesthetics.
#frenectomy for removal of frenum-labial frenum some times will be high and attached in between the teeth leading to space between upper front teeth so we need to remove the attachment of frenum called a frenectomy, this can also be performed by laser called laser frenectomy
#orthodontic retainer-after completion of orthodontic treatment a plastic sheet moulded according to your new teeth position is given which will hold the teeth in that position so that the bone settles over a period of time, retainer should be worn over a period of one or two years.
#speedy orthodontics-decreasing the treatment time of braces by incorporating self-ligating braces, mini implants, corticotomy.
#habit breaking appliances- few children have habits like tongue thursting, mouth breathing, thumb-sucking which can damage both the dental and facial aesthetics so habit-breaking appliances are given to avoid the damage to the tissues at early age.
#tongue thrusting treatment-children use their tongue to thurst the teeth and make them proclined and spaces appear betweeen teeth, tongue crib is given in initial stages and followed by braces.
#mouth breathing treatment-few children sleep by opening their mouth so they breath with both nose and mouth and which will lead to open moth and gap between upper and lower teeth so to avoid this the root cause is known and treated along with mouthguard.
#thumb sucking treatment-sucking thumb till the age of 3 ½ years is a normal thing but if this habit is continued after this age then the upper teeth will become proclined and spaced to avoid this we give different appliances followed by braces for teeth correction
#expansion appliances-few patients may have collapsed arches in upper arch due to crowding which affects the facial aesthetics in such cases expansion of the upper jaw is necessary which is done by hyrax or any other expansion appliances.
#anterior maxillary osteotomy-upper anterior jaw some times is big and that is because of the bone in such cases surgery is performed and the jaw is moved back
#bsso(bilateral sagittal split osteotomy)
#genioplasty-surgery of chin area to move it back or front to increase the facial aesthetics
#smile designing- redesigning the smile for marriage or normally in a shorter period of time, correcting minor teeth problems like crowding and spacing in two days time using root canal and zirconium crowns
#smile makeover-redesigning dental aesthetics and improving the smile
#dental smile aesthetics enhancement
#veneers-they cover only the front portion of teeth used for very minor teeth correction without doing root canal treatment
#zirconium crowns
#root canal treatment-is a treatment performed in pain full and decayed teeth to save those teeth, anesthesia is given and the tooth is opened and canals in the root are cleaned and medicament placed when the pain comes down in that teeth root canals are filled and crown is placed
#re root canal treatment- is done in patients in whom root canal treated teeth have pain after a period of time, in such cases root canal was failed so re-root canal is performed
#laser root canal treatment-laser is used along with a rotary machine for reducing the infection and closing the abscess tract if it is there.
#post and core-is done after root canal treatment, where the teeth structure is very less and the tooth doesn't have any infection, the metal screw is placed inside the root canal filled area and it is covered with composite to increase the height and cap is placed over the post and core
#apicectomy-severely infected front teeth will sometimes develop apical abscess and cyst which can be treated by performing surgery in the apex region of the teeth and removing the diseased bone or cyst which was formed and closing it from the apex(retrograde filling).
#composite restoration for front teeth-done if there is any minor fracture of the upper front teeeth for which going for crown would damage a lot more teeth area,composites are teeth colored restoration mostly used for front teeth restoration.
#treatment of broken front teeth- crown or a composite restoration depending on the amount of teeth broken.
#lip reduction surgery-if the size of the of lips are more comparing with the other structures or each other then lip surgery is performed to reduce both the length and size of lip to enhance facial aesthetics and lip aesthetics
#smile designing with zirconium crowns
#zirconium crowns and bridges- warranty crowns are given for missing teeth using cad cam technology
#implants for replacing missing teeth- implants are artificial titanium root like structures which are placed inside the bone where the teeth are missing and left there so that they become the part of the bone ( osstiointegration) and later the implant is used as support for placing cap over it.
#full mouth implants-a group of 4 or 6 implants in each arch are placed and they are taken as support to place the complete set of fixed teeth, they are mostly done in cases where patients don't have any teeth and still wants fixed teeth replacement like natural teeth.
#miltiple implants- two or three implants are placed for replacing missing teeth
#single implants-one implant is placed for replacing one tooth
#wisdom teeth extraction-most common problem around the age of 25 years is erupting wisdom teeth if there is any lack of space or no space for its eruption then wisdom teeth will be locked inside the bone in different angulations, surgery is performed and bone drilling is done and it will be extracted
#laser flap surgery-severe periodontitis where gums are severely infected and bone loss is there in such cases we user laser to remove the infected gums and deep scaling done if required bone grafting and the normal health of the gums are brought back
#laser treatments for teeth and gums- deep scaling and laser curretage, laser teeth whitening, laser frenectomy, laser root canal treatment, laser abscess treatment, canal sterilization,laser pocket sterilization.
#cement fillings- gic and composite fillings are done in teeth which are minor decays for avoiding them from going to root canal treatment

#teeth cleaning-removing the tartar/calculus and plaque along with stains on the teeth and polishing
#digital x-ray for teeth- is taken to know the amount of decay present in the teeth and for diagnostic purposes to confirm the treatment plan.
#laser teeth whitening-laser is used along with polo white 32% H2O2 for teeth whitening
#teeth whitening
#tooth-colored fillings- composite fillings
#tmj pain treatment-in few cases their may be pain in TMJ due to many resons which is reduced by laser(low level laser therapy) or other treatments
#myofacial pain treatment-MPDS (MYOFACIAL PAIN DYSFUNCTION SYNDROME ) causes pain in facial muscles due to stress and other factors which are treated by muscle excersices and other medications along with lasers

#cervical spondylitis treatment low level laser treatment can be done in few cases to avoid pain in cervical area due to spondylitis
#dental sealants done in teeth which have deeper grovees to avoid decay
#treatment of sensitive teeth with laser –sensitive teeth is one of the major and common problems using laser we can make the sesitive experience come down by 90 percent
#periodontitis -flap surgery-gum surgery is the treatment of infected gums where there is bone loss along with the infection in gums. Tartar is completely removed and the teeth surface is cleaned and the infected gum layer is removed from the gum and there will be fresh gum layer with blood which acts as adhesive to attach to the cleaned and polished teeth surface.
#gum surgery
#deep scaling and laser curretage- done in cases with svere gingivitis
#non-surgical laser treatments-low level laser therapy for tmj pain, cervical spondylitis, facial muscle pain, trauma, speedy orthodontics to increase the osteoclastic and osteoblastic activity,
#gingival depigmentation- melanin pigmentation will some times be more on the gingiva leading to blackish apperance of gums appering unaesthetic on smiling, in such cases laser can be used to remove the out epithilial layer of gums leading to removal of melanin pigmentation and pink apperance of gums.
#gingivitis treatment-scaling, removal of tartar and plaque fron the teeth layer
#periodontitis treatment
#diabetic patient complete intra oral treatment-diabetic patients have a lot of oral problems like diabetic abscess in gums, lossening of teeth due to bone loss, teeth fall early in diabetis is all these can be corrected.
#bone grafting-artificial bone grafting material will be filled in places where there is loss of bone surrounding the teeth in such places bone regeneration occurs due to the bone grafting procedure,this is done mostly in gum surgeries and where there is vertical bone defect, and places where implant has to be placed.
#guided tissue regeneration- in gum recession cases gum tissue is taken from one place and placed at another position
#crown lengthening-this procedure is done in cases where the teeth size is small and crown should be placed, in such cases the length of the teeth is increased by cutting the gum tissue.

#implantology –implants are the best tooth replacement options if there is bone availability, implants replace the missing teeth without damaging the adjacent teeth, for implants to be stable in bone there should be enough bone quality and quantity in that area.
#single tooth replacement with an implant-avoiding dental bridge which damages two adjacent teeth patient can go with a dental implant which is placed in the area of missing teeth and a specific time is given for osseointegration and later on, the implant is used to support the crown.
#aesthetic tooth replacement
#full mouth rehabilitation- in cases where there is missing of entire teeth in both upper and lower arch, there we replace the entire teeth by artificial teeth by a complete denture or complete denture supported by implants or implants and bridge
#all on 4 implants-four implants are placed in the upper arch and lower arch each and complete dentures are made on the individual arches and complete dentures are fixed to the implants so that the patient will have fixed teeth.
#all on 6 implants-six implants are placed in each arch and a complete metal-ceramic or zirconium bridge is placed on the 6 implants and fixed.
#rotary endodontics- when in root canal treatment a machine is used which rotates at a certain speed to remove the debris in the canal along with apex locator.
#one sitting root canal treatment-root canal treatment is completed in one appointment using a rotary machine integrated with apex locator and rvg along with the laser.
#complete dentures
#overdentures-when dentures are removable but still has support from at least two teeth for stability and retention
#bps dentures
#cast partial dentures
#flexible dentures
#metal ceramic and all-ceramic crowns
#veneers, laminates & zirconia crowns
#oral surgery
#extraction of normal, mobile, and wisdom teeth
#impacted wisdom tooth extraction
#cyst removal
#tooth abscess treatment
#wisdom tooth treatment
#bleaching of teeth for whitening
#teeth bleaching
#discolored teeth
#fractured teeth
#cysts and tumors of jaw removal
#braces for malaligned teeth
#pulp therapy for children teeth
#root canal for kids or milk teeth
#flouride treatment for kids teeth
#fractured jaw treatment
#prognathic and retrognathic jaw treatments
#flourosis treatment
#oral submucous fibrosis treatment
#oral leukoplakia treatment
#oral lichen planus treatment
#oral candidiasis treatment
#over all-oral treatment for geriatric patients
#over all-oral treatment for diabetic patients
#dental treatment for hemophiliacs
#dental treatment for cardiac patients
#dental treatment for medically compromised patients
#dental treatment for diabetic patients
#dental treatment for epileptic patients
#dental treatment for downs syndrome patients
#dental treatment for dyslexic patients
#dental treatment for special children
#dental treatments for an autistic child
#dental treatments for kids and toddlers
#dental treatments for age-old patients
#dental visit for patients who are bedridden and who cant come to a dental clinic
#dental treatments for medically compromised patients
#dental treatment for physically challenged patients
#dental treatments for oral carcinoma patients

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