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The Spine & Sports Health (TSSH) PUNE is one of its own kind of center with the highly qualified team of professional from the areas specialized in Chiropractic, Visceral Manipulation, Physiotherapy, Sports injuries. The aim of TSSH is to provide above mentioned facilities under a single roof as a holistic approach. Holistic approach will help an individual to learn and recover quickly through 360 degree model of rehabilitation. We are specialized to treat Back pain, Sciatica, Neck pain, Sports injuries, Ligament rehabilitation, Posture Corrections, Body Alignment, Knee rehab., Shoulder rehab. and Hand injuries. Sports Injury Treatment/Management: Dr. Jain’s expertise lies in diagnosing and managing sports-related injuries. Whether you’re an athlete or a fitness enthusiast, he tailors treatment plans to facilitate optimal recovery.
In Physiotherapy: As a sports physiotherapist, Dr. Vipul Jain focuses on rehabilitation, injury prevention, and performance enhancement for athletes. His evidence-based approach ensures effective results.
Post Surgery Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation: If you’ve undergone surgery, Dr. Jain assists in your post-operative recovery. His personalized rehabilitation programs promote healing and restore function.
Ergonomic Training: Dr. Jain educates individuals on proper posture, body mechanics, and ergonomics. This knowledge helps prevent musculoskeletal issues related to daily activities and work environments.
Postural Training: Correcting posture is crucial for overall health. Dr. Vipul Jain provides guidance to improve posture, alleviate pain, and prevent future problems.
Trauma Injury Physiotherapy / Rehab: Whether it’s a traumatic injury or accident-related, Dr. Jain’s rehabilitation techniques aid in restoring mobility and function.
Soft Tissue Injury Management: Soft tissue injuries (such as sprains and strains) receive specialized attention from Dr. Jain. His treatments accelerate healing and reduce pain.
Musculoskeletal Injury Physiotherapy: Dr. Jain addresses musculoskeletal conditions, including back pain, joint issues, and muscle strains. His holistic approach promotes recovery.
Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: For patients recovering from cruciate ligament surgery, Dr. Vipul Jain provides comprehensive rehabilitation to regain strength and stability.
Knee Pain Physiotherapy: If you’re experiencing knee pain, we targeted physiotherapy interventions can alleviate discomfort and improve joint function.

we as chiropractor provides specialized services related to the musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine. Here are some key aspects of what a chiropractor offers:

Spinal Manipulation (Chiropractic Adjustment):
Chiropractors use hands-on techniques to manipulate the spine and other joints. The goal is to improve spinal motion, enhance nerve function, and promote overall physical well-being.
This procedure is also known as spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustment.
By adjusting misaligned vertebrae, chiropractors aim to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and enhance the body’s ability to heal itself without surgery or medication12.
Treatment for Various Conditions:
Chiropractors treat a wide range of conditions, including:
Back pain
Neck pain
Joint pain
Sports injuries
Posture-related issues
we focus on addressing the root cause of these problems through spinal adjustments and other complementary therapies.
Holistic Approach:
Chiropractic care emphasizes a holistic approach to health.
Chiropractors consider the entire musculoskeletal system, lifestyle factors, and overall wellness when designing treatment plans.
Education and Lifestyle Guidance:
Chiropractors educate patients about proper posture, ergonomics, exercise, and nutrition.
They offer lifestyle recommendations to support long-term health and prevent future issues.
Complementary Therapies:
In addition to spinal adjustments, chiropractors may use other therapies such as:
Soft tissue techniques: Massage, myofascial release, and stretching.
Electrotherapy: Ultrasound, electrical stimulation, or laser therapy.
Nutritional counseling: Advising on dietary choices and supplements.
Preventive Care:
Regular chiropractic visits can help prevent injuries, maintain spinal health, and enhance overall quality of life.

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