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Remote Support
Appointment Tracking
See all appointments, Add Walk-in Appointments, Check your all appointments on the phone

Send new information to your Camp/Regular patients via SMS/Email/Facebook
EHR (Electronic Health Record)
Use EHR to write precription for the patients. You have the privilege for using past prescription to write new ones, we also help you group medicines so prescribing medicines becomes easy.

SMS Management
Send patient sms's for appointment reminders and also for medical reminders
Easier Discovery
Patients can discover you 20x faster based on name, speciality and location.
Public Profile
Create your public profile for your discovery. Keep it update by using new feeds feature, dynamic also help you to set better SEO feature.
Help us using technical support to all the caps you organize, we digitize the patients information, send emails/sms to patient and help you to quickly check patients using our EHR