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Specialised Dentistry by Dr. Mishra. Dr. Pulak Mishra (MDS in Periodontics & Implants) practices a full scope of General and Cosmetic dentistry with treatments ranging from porcelain veneers to dental implants, dental crowns and dental bridges. Our dental team can correct a wide variety of permanent cosmetic dental problems, and can literally redesign your smile. Our office is located on the First floor of the Alpha square Complex, a very Prime location in Ahmedabad- Buisness Capital of India.

Modern cosmetic dentistry techniques make it easier than ever for you to have a bright, even smile. Dr. Mishra can give you the smile you want using teeth whitening, inlays and onlays, dental crowns, dental bonding, and porcelain veneers.

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Shop no 6, Alpha square, near satyamev hospital, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad

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Fees : 200 INR

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Posted on 02 Feb 2018!Importance-of-Smile/t3p9n/5a4732ede6ac717036f971f3
Posted on 01 Feb 2018
Surprise cake by staff members. Celebrating 1 year of DENTONOMICS. Thank you very much for all your blessings
Posted on 13 Jan 2018
Posted on 30 Dec 2017
To all our followers. We are happy to announce that we have placed a total of more than 35 Dental Implants. Thanks to all of you and your blessings.
We hope to receive your blessings for the coming future.
Posted on 30 Dec 2017
Complete Dental Treatments. Team of MDS specialists for every treatment.
Posted on 13 Dec 2017
Happy to announce, we are available on practo from today. Kindly do visit our profile, and help your friends and family to book an appointment using practo..
Have a great day
Posted on 05 Dec 2017
Beautiful emax veneers along with frenectomy and gingival contouring.
End result: Space closure, smile design, Happy Patient.
Posted on 30 Nov 2017
Posted on 30 Nov 2017
Ceramic Veneers - Whether you have a crooked smile or yellowish teeth, veneers are the most minimally invasive procedure.
It causes the least amount of loss of your natural tooth material and provides a perfect smile. A perfect can change your life both personal and professional.
It cannot be done in cases of sensitive teeth or teeth that are worn out. To know more reach your dentist and enquire.
Lets change how we smile!!!!
Posted on 30 Nov 2017
Posted on 19 Nov 2017
We welcome you to attend the upcoming FELLOWSHIP in TMJ / TMD and Obstructive Sleep Apnea. This program is an evidence based program that explores the myths and provides for a systematic approach to managing TMD, Sleep Apnea and management of the worn dentition.

Graduate as an astute practitioner who will rely upon the diagnosis of complex orofacial conditions that will benefit your patients instead of providing arbitrary relief with splints and stimulations.

This is a limited attendance program and seats are limited to 20 only.

For registrations please contact:
Ms. Arlene Fernandes
Executive Administrator
Smile USA-India
Tel: 9820587848 (Whatsapp and Mobile)
Posted on 10 Nov 2017
Posted on 07 Nov 2017
Posted on 18 Oct 2017
Happy Diwali to all!!
Posted on 19 Jul 2017
HEALTHY GUMS - An ignored yet very vital part of your body Many of us either notice or ignore a slipping of gums, when we smile infront of a mirror. Most of us perceive it as a lengthening of our teeth due to age, but the truth is its a sign of your diseased gums. Many research and studies have shown that gum loss occur due to 1. Traumatic burshing technique (hard or forceful brushing) 2. smoking or chewing habits 3. habit of using tooth picks 4. various other causes As a patient, all of us should consider getting it looked after before its too late. Gum slipping or gum recession may lead to 1. hypersensitivity 2. teeth loosening 3. ugly smile due to lengthening of teeth 4. gum and jaw bone diseases TREATMENT OPTIONS There are many options that you can opt for to get this corrected before permanent damage ensues 1. Gum surgeries ( Coronal displacement flaps or tissue grafts) 2. regular check ups and scaling appointments 3. Gum massages after treatment 4. Tissue grafts
Posted on 08 Mar 2017

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Kajal Bhavsar
The clinic is good with up to date instruments. The Doctor i.e. Pulak Mishra is very gentle and humble and makes sure that the paitent doesn't suffer anymore and under his guidance and work you can expect the best treatment at affordable prices. I went in their for my root canal crown and it was done beautifully. Recommended Awesomely.