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I would like to share my story with you; about why, out of all the professions available, I chose to be a dentist and why I feel it has been one of the best decisions of my life.

I spent my teenage years full of angst and low self esteem fixating on my teeth and despising their shape, colour, size and the spaces between them. Combined with being overweight and having virtually no social life, I spent most of my days feeling embarrassed about just being me.

One day my 71 year old aunt visited our family and my life was about to change forever. She looked younger, healthier and happier than ever before and when I looked closer, I noticed that her smile was full of beautiful perfect white teeth. When I asked about her new energetic self and gorgeous smile, she started singing the praises about a dentist she had been visiting who had replaced her old broken, decayed, diseased and painful teeth with stunning new ones permanently fixed on dental implants that allowed her to smile and eat as if she was in her twenties.

I couldn’t believe it and had never seen such a thing before. The very next day I made an appointment with the same dentist and counted the days and hours prior to visiting him.

I poured my heart out to that dentist and told him how unhappy I was with my teeth and smile. He listened patiently, empathised and assured me that I deserved and would have the smile that I so desired. Together we sat down and worked out a step-by-step treatment plan to craft my new teeth and smile. I was ecstatic, excited, scared and apprehensive all at the same time and couldn’t wait to begin!

The actual dental procedures went by in a blur and I barely remember my time in that dentist’s chair now. What I do remember is that first look in the mirror when I saw my beautiful new smile and the tears it brought to my eyes. I finally had the smile I had dreamt of for years and spent the next few days with an insane grin on my face. I became motivated to lose body fat and began a disciplined eating and exercise program and soon achieved my target weight. People started complimenting me on my new smile and slimmer self and my confidence grew and my livelier personality emerged and resulted in my becoming more outgoing and gaining friends. Suddenly I had become a happy, positive person spreading joy and embracing the world and all it has to offer and I realised just how much value a new smile had added to my life.

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