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Highly specilaised and ultra modern Dental clinic with three fully functional chairs .Treatment by highly specialised team of 8 Doctors .Serving the mass since more than 15years of expertise.One stop solution for your Dental problems under single roof.

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113/16 Kumbha Marg, Pratap Nagar Sector 11, Jaipur

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09:00 AM to 02:00 PM
04:00 PM to 08:00 PM

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Fees : 400 INR

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Posted on 02 Jun 2021
Smile white & healthy.

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Posted on 24 May 2021
Posted on 21 May 2021
Dental treatment is not expensive. lts the Ignorance..
Get your dental check up done every 6months to avoid major dental problems.

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Posted on 20 May 2021
Book your online consultation slot for Dental problems.

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Posted on 07 Jul 2019
A radiant smile can change your life. 19yr old female came to clinic who feels shy to smile because of cavities. Restored her smile and she was so amazed with the results.
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Posted on 24 Jun 2019
Felicitation Award as "Dr. LAVISH GUPTA Best Dental Surgeon Jaipur" by Honorable Health Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma ji Rajasthan & Transport Minister Shree Pratap singh Khachriywas ji.
Posted on 18 Jun 2019
Posted on 24 Apr 2019
Dental Implant fixed for Mr. Lorene from Canada. Happy smiling patient.
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Call at 91-9314868244
Posted on 23 Jan 2019
Thinking about Braces? Invisalign & ceramic braces? Crooked teeth never seems to make anything easier. Did u know that, straight teeth harbor healthier bacteria, help reduce inflammation of gums and bone. And much easier to clean which helps your breath stay fresh. Don't put yourself on hold. Consult us about Braces treatment started..Happy to announce we provide flexible payment mode which makes Dental treatment more effective. Call us today for appointment. Braces treatment at best. . For more info visit us at
Posted on 08 Jan 2019
Keep your teeth healthy. For Best Dental Treatment call us. Sapphire Dental Hospital serving since last 12years and making patients Smile healthy. Painless Dental Treatment. We are one of the Best Dental Hospital in Jaipur.
Dental implants & Esthetic Dental services for family and our international clients. Special packages for NRI and International patients. Dental Toursim in Jaipur.
. For more info visit us at
Posted on 10 Dec 2018
We provide one stop solutions for all your dental problems. Teeth sensitivity in winters?? We provide prophylactic treatment to avoid sensitivity problem.
Sapphire Dental Hospital is serving Dental Services since last 12years. We value our patients. Call us today for dental appointment online for your all dental problems. Treated by team of 7 Dental Specialists under the guidance of Dr. LAVISH GUPTA. Dental Hospital Near Me.. For more info visit us at
Posted on 26 Nov 2018
Visiting India?? Get your Dental treatment at economic price. Roam around Golden triangle and get your dental treatment along with ease.Relish Rajasthan and its culture. Dental Implants, Whitening of Teeth, Cosmetic smile make overs & many more.. Dental Toursim at affordable price. Get in touch, Call for appointment.
. For more info visit us at
Posted on 25 Oct 2018
Posted on 10 Oct 2018
A place for all your Dental problems .Multispeciality Dental Hospital with team of experienced and highly qualified Dentists for complete family. Dentist Near Me.Best Dental Hospital In City. Special Dental packages for Dental Tourism.25 % Discount on Teeth Whitening i.e Dental Bleaching.Call us for an appointment.. For more info visit us at
Posted on 05 Oct 2018
Posted on 26 Sep 2018
Its great pleasure to our clients ozone dentistry is latest addition to our Dental Clinic. Now no more pain & cross infections. Dentist In The City. Dental hospital near by.
Posted on 04 Sep 2018
Sensitivity in Teeth?? Bleeding in gums? We offer solutions for all Dental Problems. Best Dental Hospital near me. Dentist near airport.
Posted on 01 Sep 2018
Posted on 21 Aug 2018
Dental pain and gums problems? Ask us how to avoid it. We provide best dental treatment at affordable price. Best Dentist Near Me. Best Dental Implants. Painless Root Canal Treatment by latest technology. Get your dental check up every 3months to avoid dental problems. Call us for appointment.
Posted on 14 Aug 2018
Posted on 08 Aug 2018
Are you worried for your yellow teeth? We have solutions for yellow teeth and tobacco stains. Get Laser Whitening of teeth at very economical price. A place for Aesthetic Dentistry. Best Dental Clinic. Call for pre appointment and smile confidently.
Posted on 06 Aug 2018
Wants to look young?? Botox fillers, face uplift, Laser Hair removal many more. Look young and confident. White smile and cosmetic smile makeovers. Win millions of heart. Laser whitening at very economic price. Call us today for appointment. #Dentistinthecity #Dentalhospitalinthecity. #Dentistnearby. #DentalToursimpackagesavailable. Helpline 91-9314868244.
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Posted on 06 Aug 2018
Wants to look young?? Botox fillers, face uplift, Laser Hair removal many more. Look young and confident. White smile and cosmetic smile makeovers. Win millions of heart. Laser whitening at very economic price. Call us today for appointment. Dentist in the city. Dental hospital in the city. Dentist nearby. Dental Toursim packages available.
Posted on 01 Aug 2018
We are the leading team in dentistry today. We started as six dedicated specialists who share the common ideal of being genuinely concerned with your overall health and self-esteem. We will provide you with a dazzling smile using the finest materials, the very latest in cutting-edge technology, and the most advanced skills and services. You will receive a truly remarkable, relaxing experience while we focus on your comfort. Call us for painless dental experience. Place for Root canal treatment, Braces, Dental Implants, Cosmetic smile makeovers, Laser whitening & all dental surgeries. Call us at 91-9314868244.
Posted on 27 Jul 2018
Sapphire Dental Hospital is one of the pioneer dental hospital which meets the standards for international clients. Place where patient feels no pain and dental fear. Dental treatment by highly specialised team of doctors. Special Dental packages for international clients. Dental tourism packages and very near to Jaipur international airport.
Dental specialities
Fixed Invisible Orthodontic Braces
Immediate Loading Dental Implants
Painless Single Sitting Root Canal
Smile Designing & Aesthetic Dentistry
Metal Free Zirconia Crowns
And many more..
Visit us today for your all dental problems.
Best dental hospital in the city. Best dentist nearby. Affordable Dental treatment with flexible payment modes.
Posted on 17 Jul 2018
Whitening is a new, state of the art whitening treatment that gives our patients fast and easy results. In just one appointment.Teeth Whitening can make a significant change in a person’s smile and can make their teeth up to eight shades whiter. Best dentist in Jaipur. Dentist near by. Dental treatment in Jaipur. Dental tourism in Jaipur. . For more info visit us at
Posted on 11 Jul 2018
Posted on 05 Jul 2018
Posted on 30 Jun 2018
Feeling distressed with toothache?? A toothache is a pain in or around a tooth. Toothpain may be sharp, throbbing or constant.
When Should I See a Dentist?
See your dentist as soon as possible if:
1.You have a toothache that lasts longer than 1 or 2 day.
2.Your toothache is severe.
3.You have a fever, earache or pain while opening mouth.
Proper identification ond treatment of denial infections is important to prevent its
spread to other parts of the face ond skull and possibly even to the bloodstream.
Consult our dental experts today. Best dental hospital for Painless dentistry.
Dental hospital nearby. Top 3 Dental hospital in the city.
. For more info visit us at
Posted on 27 Jun 2018
Dental tips during pregnancy. Don't neglect dental problems, it can lead to problems which can worsen during pregnancy.
1.Gum problems during pregnancy could result in preterm low birth weight of infant.
2.Increased Hormone levels during pregnancy will worsen dental problems.
3.Avoid self medication on your own for Dental pain, this could affect your child. 4.Dental procedures are safe during 4-6 months.
Get ur dental check up. Healthy child healthy teeth healthy baby. Call us for expert advise. . For more info visit us at
Posted on 25 Jun 2018
Dental carries?? Don't neglect black discoloration or cavity of teeth. It can be cleaned and filled with dental cements which are tooth coloured dental fillings. Laser fillings of teeth can avoid progression of cavities further which can lead to severe dental pain & other dental problems. Dental hospital near by. Best Dental hospital in the city. Painless dental clinic. Multispeciality Dental Hospital at your service. . For more info visit us at
Posted on 21 Jun 2018
Brushing Tips :
1.Brush your teeth twice per day with a soft-bristled brush.
2.The size and shape of your toothbrush should fit your mouth and allow you to reach all areas easily.
3.Place ur toothbrush on a 45-degree angle to the gums. Brush surfaces of the teeth outer, inner and chewing at least 30 seconds per quadrant or two minutes for
Full mouth.
4.Use a fluoridated, low abrasive type of toothpaste.
For more information how to keep teeth & gums healthy Contact us at 91-9314868244.
Maintain oral hygiene and stay healthy.
Dental cleaning and dental hygienist available at economic price. Get your teeth cleaned at dental clinic once in every 6 months.
Sapphire Dental Hospital
Multispeciality Dental hospital .
Posted on 21 Jun 2018
Posted on 18 Jun 2018
Do u have Yellow teeth?? White Teeth in 1 hour. No pain no sensitivity. Laser Teeth whitening. Cosmetic make over for tobacco stains & Fluorosis teeth. Dentist in the city. Top 5 dentist in the city. Best Dental hospital for Porcelain veneers and cosmetic smile design. Visit our hospital for experts advise. Call for an appointment. . For more info visit us at
Posted on 14 Jun 2018
Missing teeth?? Get fixed teeth in 1 hour. World famous Advanced dental Implant system. One visit dental implant. We have all types of dental implant systems in our clinic. Denture supported Implants available. Dental implants in Jaipur. Best dental implantologist in city. Affordable dental implants in city. . For more info visit us at
Posted on 12 Jun 2018
Visit dentist for routine check ups every 6months. If you notice black discoloration or cavity get it filled by dentist. It can progress to deep cavities and can lead dental pain. Milk teeth are equally important for kids ehich parents ignore generally. Don't ignore dental problem in kids. Consult our pediatric dental specialist and make your kid's teeth cavityfree. Fluoride applications for kids. Dentist near by. Best Dentist in city. Best pediatric dentist in city. Make your child brush teeth twice daily. . For more info visit us at
Posted on 09 Jun 2018
A smile wins millions of heart. We can transform your smile by smile makeovers.Best smile designing.Digital smile makeovers.
Best dentist in city. Best dental hospital near me. Patients satisfaction is our priority.
Laser Teeth whitening available at economic price. Best smile for your teeth. Let us make you smile. Contact us for a bright white smile. . For more info visit us at
Posted on 05 Jun 2018
Posted on 02 Jun 2018
No more crooked or mal aligned teeth. We offer Invisible Braces at affordable price. Orthodontic trratment by best specialists in the city. No more metal braces in mouth. Ceramic braces and invisalign braces can do your teeth correction. Don't shy to smile. Boost your self confidence. Smile white and healthy. Braces treatment in the city. Best orthodontist in city. Call us for an appointment today. . For more info visit us at
Posted on 30 May 2018
Few of my finished Root canal cases. Looking for perfection and keen to learn everyday..
Posted on 26 May 2018
Exclusive Implant camp shall be organised on 28th May 2018 at our clinic. Pure Ni titanium Implants of best quality at discounted price.15%discount for limited period. Now no more missing teeth. Every patient deserves Teeth. Dentist nearby you. Dental hospital with best dental services. Smile make overs and we practice painless dentistry. Call us for an appointment today at 093148 68244 View more at:
Posted on 16 May 2018
Why dental bridge is good over dental implants.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge can mostly replace your missing tooth/teeth. However, you will need the enough number of other teeth to support artificial teeth. The prosthetic teeth will require preparing the adjoining teeth, being reduced in size to create sufficient space for fixation.
Fixed bridges can last for almost 10 to 12 years. They may also require another trial of replacement afterward.

Dental Implants

The dental implant is a permanent dental solution. They look and work like your natural teeth. They help in increasing your capabilities such as smiling, speaking and eating. Implants can give you better facial stability too.

Advantages of Dental Implants:

They are fixed, not slippery.

No need to replace them.

Easy to clean and maintain.

Protect your jawbones, reduce any risks of gum and bone recession.

Truly, there are many benefits of dental implants than bridges.

Call today at Dr. LAVISH'S SAPPHIRE DENTAL HOSPITAL 093148 68244 for replacement of missing tooth. #Bestdentalhospitalinjaipur #bestimplantologist
Posted on 03 May 2018
Rajasthan 1st Dental Hospital with Uveneer. Get white smile in 1 hour. No more pain no more injections. Get your smile evalution by our cosmetic dentists. Cosmetic dental treatment in city with amazing smile makeovers. Get rid of your fluorosis stain and yellow teeth.No more Crooked teeth.Best dental hospital in Jaipur. . For more info visit us at
Posted on 27 Apr 2018
World class dental soultions at famous dentist of Jaipur.Dental implants at affordable price.White smile through Cosmetic smile design boosts your self confidence.Best dental hospital in Jaipur with ultramodern technology. Treatment by experienced doctors. Dental toursim in Jaipur.. For more info visit us at
Posted on 26 Apr 2018
Posted on 20 Apr 2018
Patient came up for treatment of fluorosis in teeth.She is going to get married in few days.We gave option for composite veneers as she can't afford Porcelain veneers. White smile in one hour. No pain no drill. Direct bonding veneering solves purpose. Affordable Smile makeover. Happy patient. White smile can change life. Best Dental clinic in Jaipur. Call for appointment. . For more info visit us at
Posted on 17 Apr 2018
Keep your teeth & gums healthy. Visit your dentist every 3months. Dental treatment is not costly, its the negligence. Stay healthy and keep smiling. #bestdentistinjaipur #dentalimplants #dentistnearbyme.
Posted on 16 Apr 2018
Happy to serve our International clients.. For more info visit us at
Posted on 16 Apr 2018
Posted on 16 Apr 2018
We value our international clients and provide best quality dental treatment at affordable price. Dental tourism in Jaipur. Enjoy your stay with customised dental appointments at your ease.We provide best rates for Dental whitening, Dental venners, Dental Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry. Get new Smile makeover with our experts. Call us today for appointment. Best dental clinic in city providing all dental treatments under one roof with a team of 8 highly qualified Dentists. . For more info visit us at
Posted on 13 Apr 2018
Posted on 08 Apr 2018
Sapphire Dental Hospital is one of the best dental hospital in the city where we specialise in one of the Best Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dental treatment. We provide Metal free crowns along with painless Root canal treatment by our specialists. Get white smile with chair side Dental veneers in just 1hr.No pain & complete family dentistry under one roof. . For more info visit us at
Posted on 04 Apr 2018
Best dental clinic near you with latest advanced dental treatment options available for you & your family. Get white smile with dental veneers in one hour. No pain no sensitivity. Best dental hospital in Jaipur. . For more info visit us at
Posted on 23 Mar 2018
Complete dental care for family. Painless dentistry by specialists.Single sitting root canals with metal free crowns.Come see us for Healthy Smile at Dr. Lavish's Dental Hospital at Pratap nagar. For more info visit us at
Posted on 19 Mar 2018
Designing bright smiles with cosmetic make over and dental implants at affordable flexi payment mode at Dental hospital in pratap nagar. For more info visit us at
Posted on 09 Mar 2018
Posted on 23 Feb 2018
Posted on 25 Dec 2017

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Prateek Tirthani
Excellent work done by super specialised team of doctors. Recommended
Gangor Devi
I got my dental implant fixed and crown done .Thanx doctor and his team.
Manya Upadhyay
I got my braces treatment done at Sapphire Dental clinic and results were good.Thanks for making my smile look great.
Mrs. Archana .
Great dental experience.
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