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TATHYA means proven fact or indisputable fact, one which cannot be questioned...
All human beings are unique individuals. All of us differ from each other in various attributes, and that is because we hold ourselves a very individual energy into us, which resembles none other than our self. Our whole life from womb to tomb is governed by this energy, which exhibits a pattern i.e. what we are! What & how we do throughout our lives!
It harmoniously animates us and provides physical & mental ease in health… while in disease its flow gets disturbed in turn creating physical, mental ailments and a state of dis-ease – not at ease!
But interestingly the energy, it pattern does not change, it only ceases its expression at death. So, that very energy/pattern is our own fact, a undisputable fact which is constant in us…. Our own TATHYA…
As a homoeopathic physician, we tend to get into this very fact of each individual, understand your TATHYA with insights, observations, subtle signs. Once, the whole unique energy pattern is witnessed, all needed to be done is to administer similar energy in form of medication which will correct the whole disturbance and health will be regained at all levels-physical, emotional, intellectual…. Providing an experience of enjoying health…!
So, come discover your TATHYA, and move towards enjoying health…

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F-9, Sagun Caasa Towers, Nr. Prerna Tirth Jain Derasar, Jodhpur, Ahmedabad

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Fees : 1350 INR

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